In the early 1980’s I was in a hardcore band. We mostly played house parties, but we played once at the Living Room in Providence as part of a whole-day-of-hardcore event. We did manage to go into a studio in Boston to record a six-song demo. Other than being shared on a tape-to-tape basis, it didn’t go anywhere. I’m sure we were like hundreds of other bands across the country in that regard.

The band members were myself on bass, Dan Atkinson (Guitar), Jeff Crandlemire (Guitar), Jack Orr (Vocals) and Jim Villano (Drums).

At any rate, here are our small contributions to the era. Jack Orr wrote Small Town America, I wrote the rest. My own stuff is really derivative. Not only is the name Remedial Attack an obvious homage/rip-off of Minor Threat, our theme song itself is clearly a reworking of it. Oh, well. You try your best.

No Anthems

Love Takes Two

Small Town America

Why Fight?


Remedial Attack 

Web Exclusive Bonus!   Stoned Teen   (Live in somebody’s garage)